Boys Costumes

Popular costumes for boys are usually based on action, excitement and adventure. Most boys love superhero costumes, such as Spiderman costumes, Star Wars costumes and Batman costumes. Recently, due to the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the Transformer movies, pirate costumes and Transformer costumes have seen a big surge in popularity. And it’s pretty easy to understand why. After all, it’s only reasonable that boys would love pirates and giant transforming robots.

If you are picking out a costume for a boy, it’s going to be pretty tough to go wrong with a good superhero costume. However, you might find that boys are sometimes more interested in dressing up like Dracula or the Wolfman.

The first place to begin is to know your child’s favorite superheroes or other characters. Everyone has preferences and little ones are no different. Find out what your child wants to be for Halloween. You may find out that what your little boy loved last year, he now looks down upon. Or you may find out that this year your little one wants to embrace more of a humorous or gross costume than an excitement oriented one. Maybe it turns out to be the “year of gore,” where every boy’s costume he is interested in is high on the “gross-out meter.” This is part of the great fun of Halloween with kids, to see how their perspectives and tastes change.