Tinkerbell Costumes

Tinkerbell from the world of Peter Pan is such a widely loved character that it only makes sense that the Tinkerbell costume would be a popular one.  Tinkerbell is a unique fairy in the world of Neverland.   Tinkerbell is beautiful and magical which is, of course, enough to make her a great hit with girls of all ages.

Since Halloween is all about magic, Tinkerbell is a great fit for girls and women who want a Halloween costume that is playful, full of energy and magic. These factors all combine to make the Tinkerbell costume a great one for children.  And let’s face it; the child Tinkerbell costume is pretty darn cute! It comes with a pretty green dress, wings, and lots of lace.  The child Tinkerbell costume is also perfect for little girls who love ballet, as ballet slippers go perfectly with this costume.

The Tinkerbell costume for adults tends to be a pretty innocent outfit, yet a sexy one. The green skirts are short and the necklines are low.  Tinkerbell costumes are usually light green and come with wings and a wand.   Combine all of these elements together, and it is easy to see why the Tinkerbell costume is one that many women would love to wear for Halloween.

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Tinkerbell costume is Tinkerbell’s wand.  Girls of all ages can feel free to use the wane to cast magical spells at all sorts of Halloween parties.  No wonder the Tinkerbell costume is a hit year after year and generation after generation.

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