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Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costumes

My grandmother handmade this costume for me when I was a baby (in 1981) and then my little sister wore […]

Chuck Wagon Cowboy Costumes

My 16 month old son loves horses and he loves to eat, so my mother in law made him a […]

Hellboy Costumes

This costume was homemade by my father. The mask and the fist were bought online. My dad made the entire […]

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy SpongeBob Costumes

These Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy costumes aren’t quite as common as Spongebob and Patrick are popular costumes, so chances […]

Fallout 3 Vault Boy Costumes

Fans of the Bethesda game, Fallout 3, will of course instantly recognize this Vault Boy costume. It’s geeky, fun, and […]

Gingerbread Boy Costumes

If you run as fast as you can you might actually stand a chance at catching this cute kid in […]

Pillsbury Doughboy Costumes

Josiah’s costume was relatively easy to make with stuff we had around the house. We found his old hospital shirt […]

Robot Boy Costumes

This is a homemade costume complete with lights and lasers! This little robot walks, talks, and even dances the part! […]

Bat boy Costumes

Homemade bat boy costume Submitted by Melanie Pacecca, Saint Petersburg Florida

Gameboy Advance Costumes

This is Luigi inside of the gameboy advance. Submitted by Kim Gilroy, Manchester, NH

Lego Boys Costumes

The heads were carved from layers of styro and body is foamboard and glue gun. Only problem came when we […]

Paper Bag Cowboy Costumes

The clever thing about this paper bag cowboy costume is that everything you need can be bought at a supermarket… […]

Little Big Planet Sack Boy Costumes

Great, you just made an awesome Sackboy costume… now you just have to design a life-sized level for him to […]

Boy’s Zoo Keeper Costumes

All children love animals, and, as a result, they love the zoo.  What child doesn’t love spending a day at […]

Boys Batman Costumes

Everyone loves Batman, and these days, The Caped Crusader is more popular than ever.  In recent years, Batman has undergone […]